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Population Services and Training Center (PSTC) is a non-government and not-for-profit organization and it works for the improvement of life status of poor and socially disadvantaged people by undertaking various programs and projects. PSTC began its operations in 1978.


PSTC is the inheriting national organization of Family Planning Services and Training Center (FPSTC) which was created in 1978 following a government order to act as bridge among the Government, Donors and local level NGOs working in the field of FP-MCH.  


PSTC, the then FPSTC has a glorious past. It has promoted and developed 82 NGOs throughout the country, who have been playing a significant role to supplement and complement national health & FP/MCH program during last 30 years. As Member-Secretary of Family Planning Council of Voluntary Organization (FPCVO) & GO-NGO Coordination Committee, PSTC played significant role to enhance coordination and collaboration.   PSTC used to act as resource organization for local level NGOs as conduit of fund for them and provided technical assistance in the area of project management, staff development, especially management training, logistic procurement & management, community development, capacity building and sustainability. In addition, PSTC published a well-circulated regular monthly Bangla magazine “PROJANMO”.

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